Monday, November 23, 2009


After an uneventful flight from Montreal to Delhi, and a thwarted post via wifi in Amsterdam, I'm finally writing my first tavel post.

It's a bit hard to believe that I have only been in Delhi for two full days. So much has happened that it feels like it's been longer. The wedding events have been going in full swing everynight and the today is the big event itself. I've had my hands mendhi'd (henna) and it looks amazing. The dye started off a weird orange colour but has deepened to lovely brown. I learned that there are two ways of doing Mendhi. The traditional Indian way covers the entire palm while the more "trendy" , more Arabic, way is to have the design going down your palm and onto your foreward in a long pattern. I have the more terndy of the two and it looks great. Apparently it is going to stick with me for a good two weeks or so.

Delhi is all the crazyness that you've heard about. The traffic, the people, the smells and the pollution. It's quite overwhelming and the circular roads keep you guessing as to where you're going. The drivers are a breed unto themselves. The extensive use of honking seems to be a form of communication rather than warnings much in the way ducks quack with one another. I can' say that the use of signal lights is widespread.

As for the rest of my trip? I feel like a bit of a disaster zone. Things are going wrong and I'm reacting too quickly and not always getting the best result. What happened? It would seem that all trains around Rajasthan have been booked up far in advance so that excusion was nixed. Instead of staying a full three weeks, it looks like my trip will now be more of a week and a half due to a badly made decision regarding my departure flight. Oh well, live and learn and I'll just have to enjoy everything that I can see in my (now) limited time frame. Upside? I'll have more money to spend on some travels around South East Asia in 2010.

Life learnings:
  1. When travelling to India, book your trains waaay in advance if possible, especially when travelling during the Peak Nov-March period.
  2. When travelling, don't overract too quickly. This is probably due to my rookie backpacking skills. As well travelled as I am, I haven't done much (if any) by way of backpacking. Crazy thought, no? 
Big wedding tonight and then it's off to Jaipur tomorrow. Forts, hoards of people, madness all around and more eating. The food has been great so far and so far, no bad consequences....

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