Friday, December 18, 2009

How have I not heard about this before?

I am not a girl that has had her wedding planned since she was kid. I am still not the type of girl that is thinking and planning her wedding just to have the idea "ready" and yet, I do enjoy reading about wedding and the different traditions that people incorporate into their celebrations.

My favourite part? Why the FOOD of course! I love learning about what people serve at their weddings and how they juggle that tricky situation of wedding cake and/or dessert. I'm not kidding. There used to be a show on Food Network Canada called "I Do, Let's Eat!" Yes, it was all about the food at the wedding. I loved it.

Today, an article in the New York times informed of another awesome food tradition; I learned about this Pittsburgh phenomena known as cookie tables. From the article, it seems that it might be an Italian tradition but it sounds awesome. When the cookies come out seem to be debatable, but could you imagine a fusionesque wedding reception? Midnight snack of cookies AND poutine? Sounds deelish!

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