Monday, January 11, 2010

Is there anything Up there?

I finally watched "Up" before Xmas and it was everything I hoped it would be. Funny, heartwarming and a bit farcical. Fave bit? The talking dog of course! I could quote Dug all day. Actually, I have already quoted him on multiple occasions just because I can.

The biggest 'shocker' of the movie for me is that Russel is supposed to be Asian and I seem to be the only person on this planet that did not realize this. I had a discussion with my Mom and sister about this, me insisting that he isn't and they insisting that he is and that it is oh-so-obvious. To me, Russel was just a kid. His ethnicity didn't even cross my mind. Upon a second watching it became a lot clearer. The more yellowy skin tone when compared to Mr. Fredricksen and his eyes are more slanty than the people around him.

I now know that Pixar based the image of Russell on one of their illustrators that is of Vietnamese origin and that the kid that voices Russel is Japanese. I've also read that Pixar has been given mad props for their non-stereotypical depiction of an Asian character and that their use of an Asian actor to voice him too.

So with all of this said, how could I have missed it?!?! I'm just going to say that I was so involved in the story and that the ethnicity of the characters is really of no concern to me. Oh how post-modern of me.

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    1. I didn't realize he was Asian either. I'm used to Asian characters having stereotypically-Asian names and accents and having parents who tell them to study and not waste time on sports and crushes and all that other stuff.

      (it's Darren by the way)