Friday, April 16, 2010

Featured for my colour sense.

About a month and a half ago, I think, my family was invited to the grand opening of the Hermes store in Manila. It was quite the soiree with all the glitterati of Manila's society and lifestyle pages in attendance. Photogs were everywhere taking pictures of all the ladies in their dresses. My and my sister included. Turns out, I was featured in one such newspaper for my combination of a fuchia dress and turquoise bag.

The picture sucks (the quality, not me), but here it is:

and you MUST read the accompanying article. I chuckled in sheer amusement. I guess I can call myself an A-list lady now who is "beautiful, glamorous and amorous." I don't think I've ever used those adjectives in that combination to describe myself, but sure, I'll go with it.

Oh, while on the subject of the Hermes launch party. I would like to introduce you to the Filipino Jonas Brothers:

I don't know who they actually are but I think I can safely assume they're models. As my sister says, "they're good looking all together, but separately they're only meh." I didn't assign Jonas Brothers names to them, but it still works.

Filipino Jonas Brothers, champagne, fabulous people watching and now being featured in a newspaper. That night just keeps on giving.


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