Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's Halloween and officially Fall. Time doesn't shift until next week but you can already feel the change. It's dark when I get up and dark by the time I'm leaving work. I'm putting on more layers and my scarves are a permanent accessory around my neck. While I don't mind the cozyness of fall clothing, there is one consequence of Fall I did not anticipate -- toting a heavier shopping bag back from the farmer's market.

Why? You don't understand the connection? Short and simple explanation: root vegetables. One of the many reasons food pundits extol the virtues of farmers market's is buying from local producers and buying seasonal food. Well, in the fall that means filling your bag with beets, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, squash of all varieties and brussel sprouts. The fruit? Same story, apples and pears galore, but they too are quite solid.

In the summer I overload my bag with berries but they don't pack quite the same punch in terms of heft. In the summer, I'm worried about the berries being bruised by the time I get home. In the Fall, I'm worried that my legs or hips are the ones bruised.