Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Try #5? or maybe it's #6?

Blogging is hard. I have this urge to blog but then I never succeed. I make up excuses like, I don't have anything interesting to say. I don't know who my audience is. Am I really saying anything different than one of the other gazillion blogs out there? And finally I think that my posts are boring and that I don't have a cohesive theme running through my blog; I don't have a vision.

I think this might be changing. I have a plan. I will be writing about my journey to acquire a driver's license at the age of 31. I will track my progress and my thoughts as I go through reading the guidebook for the permit and then the in-car driving 'lessons'.

It may be humiliating. It may be humorous. Either way, it will be fun for you and me. Plus, it will keep me accountable. I do not want to be writing a blog post in 1+ years saying that I was trying blogging again and still didn't have my driver's license. 

So here's to attempt #5. Off we go!